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March 25


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               Every Guy Loves To Cuddle (Kagami x Reader)

It's true when they say....

You glared up at your boyfriend as he was leaning down and glaring back at you noses almost touching "Admit it Taiga! You love to cuddle!" you said as he 'Tch'd "I don't love cuddling! I just do it to make you happy!" he said with a growl, you glared harder "Liar!! Every guy loves cuddling! It's a proven fact!" you said, he growled some "Well I don't!" the redheaded basketball player said with another growl.

You huffed "Fine then, no more cuddling for you. We'll see how long you last." you said with a smirk, his mouth hung open his eyes widened some, he looked surprised by this, but shook his head and glared and growled

"Fine! But don't come crying to me when you're cold in the morning!" he called as you started walking away flipping your (h/c) (h/l) like a sassy diva "Then don't come crying to me when all you have is a pillow to cuddle!" you said walking out of the gym.

The guys surrounded Kagami, he looked at them and growled as they shook their heads in disappointment "WHAT!?" he yelled, and Huyga looked at him "Kagami-kun. You're not going to survive long, you love to cuddle with (y/n)." he said, the redhead blushed brightly "No I-I don't!" he said with slight embarrasment "But you always talk about how much you love holding (y/n) close to you, and how small she is compared to you." Koganei said making Kagami blush even more, they were right. He loved holding you close to him, nuzzling your beautiful (h/c) hair as you rested your head on his chest, giving you access to hear his heart beat as he wrapped his arms around your waist. He blushed brightly "SH-Shut up!!" he said and ran out of the gym a blushing mess.

..::Time Skip:Few days later::..

You sighed yawning loudly as you sat in class. You haven't been sleeping well these past few days, and all because you missed cuddling with your red tiger.

You missed it when at the end of the day and you two would go to bed he would basically turn into a kitten and pull you close to him, his strong tanned arms wrapped around your waist and he would nuzzle your hair almost purring, and you falling alseep almost instantly from hearing his hearbeat like it was a lullaby. You sighed some as your (e/c) eyes closed as you started dozing off from the lack of sleep. Until your teacher woke you up.

Kagami sighed some, he was so irriated lately. And he knew all to well why. He sighed some as he sat in his class boredly as Kuroko sat behind him "You should just admit it already Kagami-kun." he jumped some at the sound of his friend and growled "Don't scare me like that!" he said "Sumimasen. But you really should admit it to (y/n) that you like to cuddle with her. She's been really tired lately, and you've been really irritated. I think it's best to be the bigger man and admit it." Kuroko said, Kagami sighed some "Yeah..Maybe.." he mumbled, he sighed again. He missed cuddling with you so much. He loved it way to much, you were like a stress reliever at the end of the day, you helped him relax when he listened to your soft breathing as you slept, you were like a kitten to him... You were his kitten, and this tiger needed his kitten to cuddle with.

.::Later that day::..

You held your bag as you started walking home, you yawned again and then stopped when you saw Taiga leaning against the tree deep in thought, you walked over to him, he looked at you and then got up and walked over to you "Want to...Sleep over (y/n)?" he asked looking down some, you looked at him, his cheeks were a slight red.

He was so cute when he was embarrassed~  You nodded smiling some "Sure~ But remember no cuddling!" you said smirking, he looked at you with a small glare "Just shut up." he said as he snaked his arm around your waist and started walking with you to his house You blushed some but smiled, this was normal since he was your boyfriend~ But you couldn't help but blush, because you were just that cute and shy~

You got to his house, he opened the door for you and you walked in, he closed the door and smirked some as he pinned you to the wall and kissed your lips roughly yet passionately, you blushed brightly but kissed back moaning a tiny bit, he chuckled pulling away "Still the cutest girl~ My little kitten~" he chuckled kisisng you again, you blushed and punched his arm "Sh-Shut up!" you said blushing at the new pet name.

Soon dark came, you got a shower and Kagami let you borrow one of his shirts. You knew you'd have to sleep on the couch, because you two weren't cuddling anymore, which made you really upset now, you looked up at your red haired boyfriend as he looked down at you.

"Taiga-kun I-" your sentence was cut short "I love cuddling with you okay? I admit it, I love it when we cuddle." he said his cheeks burning with a dark shade of red.

You blushed brightly but smiled and pulled him in for  sweet kiss "I knew it~" you said with a giggle, he pouted but then smirked as he got up then picked you up bridal style you blushed "T-Taiga! What are you doing!?" you asked but once you noticed he was walking to his bedroom you smiled and snuggled closer to your boyfriend.

He opened the door with ease and closed it with his foot and he then laid down on his bed with you still in his arms, You smiled and snggled close to him even when he shifted to get into the usual position you two were always in, you smiled as you rest your head on his chest as he nuzzled your hair, and wrapped his arms around your waist.

You both sighed happily "I missed this so much." you both said in unison, then you both laughed some, you closed your eyes relaxing and you could've swore you heard a low purr sound from Taiga, you giggled "I love you~ My tiger~" you said smiling "I love you too, My little kitten~" he said softly, and you both fell into a deep sleep savoring every moment of your cuddling...

                                                        Every Guy Loves To Cuddle...
I hope you guys like it~!!!

Kagami (C) You and Owners!

You (C) Kagami!
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JazzCat67 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Three words: TOO. DAMN. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodman16 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
This has to be the most kawaiiiii story in Earth! Loved it soooooooooo much!
HibikiCupcakes Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
*dies* Kagami iz SOO KAWAII!! Excited Blush 
DYERECTION29 Featured By Owner May 7, 2014
Ahhhhh!!!! This was friggin adorable <3 thank you for writing this 
LoveLiebAmor6 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist
That's right, Kagami. You know you wanna cuddle with this! 
MariHadALittleLambo Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
WritingPlusArt Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
waaaaaah Really Sad crying I want a cuddle buddy! All I have is this pillow!!! :globpout: 
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