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August 16, 2013
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It was midnight, in a huge town full of people, there was no silence in this town for people and cars, noises alike could be heard in this town. Even the loud sounds of rain didn;t seem to stop the noises. But, there were very particular sounds that we would like to pay special attention to. The sound of bare feet running, hititng againt the concrete ground below them, the strange sound of chains moving, the flapping if a coat against the wind. Suddenly there was a flash of white, and a scream. Then silence.

A face was seen, blood was scattered against it, as a smirk was plastered on it's face.
Then a frown as another person was beside this other shadow "Hmph. Master, when will I take on more challengeing missions?" a soft feminine voice asked, the person beside her smirked "Right now." a deep male voice answered the femenine one.
The smirk came back to her face as they walked out of the ally. And the bodies became clear. There was a man, dressed in a black suit, his skin was a nice tan color, his hair was black and long and wa spulled back into a pony tail, and his eyes were a stnning blue.

As for the feminine voice, she was quite odd.
A thick mtealic collar was around her neck with a broken chain in the front, she was very short in stature, her hair was a very strange deep pink color, and it was down to her ankles and was swept to the side in the front. She was completely barefoot with the same collar like band around her ankles only smaller. She wore a long black trench coat, over a black dress that reached to her knees. But what most would find different about her, was that she had long fox like ears and a tail, and she had one blue eye and the other was as if she was blind in the other.
She smirked "Master, what's my new mission?" sh asked, the man who she called 'Master' chuckled "You have to take my private jet all the way to Tokyo and find me a certain boy. His name is Takeda, Katsuro. He's a high school student who lives in Tokyo. He's special and I need him here. You leave now." he said, she nodded and started to walk "And be as quick as possible Kotonaru!" he yelled. She smirked some and began to run to the private jet.

Once she was in the jet they wasted no time to get to Tokyo, she had to fulfill her masters wishes...

Now we turn our attention to the boy who was mentioned, Takeda Katsuro. He's not your average boy. He was born with strange white hair, and his eyes were a strange emerald green. His skin was dark, he was well built and tall. He had just woken up for school. He sighed deeply, he really didn't like school. But at least he was with his friends.  He got dressed in his uniform, he headed downstairs and saw his mom, he gave her a smile "Morning Katsuro!" the older woman said with a happy expression, he smiled as he grabbed some toast "I have to go right now, Daisuke wants to hang out alittle before school starts." he said and hugged his mom, she smiled "Alright, but be careful!" she said to him before he walked out of the small apartment.

He ran as fast as he could, and ate the toast as well. But somehting didn't feel right, he felt like he was being watched. Like someone was stalking him, he didn't like that feeling, so he shook it off.
But he was right. Someone was stalking him, a certain female. And she had plans to strike soon.
Chapter One: The Girl & The Boy..

My own ORIGNAL story! Comment if you like it~

Characters, story (C) Me!
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